About Me

Hi, if we haven’t met before My name’s Rich, I live in the South West of the UK in a place called Torbay, or if you’re local “Torbaydos”

I have worked in many different jobs mostly in retail  and was born with Autism, getting on in these jobs and getting promoted always felt a challenge. I found that I was spinning my wheels and just going round in circles from job to job unable to progress in any of them. I wanted to have the ability to raise a family, not have any debts, and be able to treat my family and still do all the things I wanted, and  not be worried financially. I soon realised that after a sequence of impact full events that something had to change.

Working for someone else was only making them rich and building their future, for years I had been told over and over again that I wouldn’t amount to anything,  I should stick to a “safe” job, the thing is, you don’t have to look very far to see that in this day and age no job is really “safe” I then decided to finally start something for myself and prove everyone wrong, I always believed deep inside that I was capable of so much more than people were allowing me to believe.

When I was growing up I recall watched my father leave for work, and on occasions not come home for days, he worked away a lot to supply for me and the family, I said that I wouldn’t want this for my kids, I would want the time to see my family and spend time with them. This was yet another reason as to why I set up this online business.

Do you work long hours in a job just to make a living? If so maybe you can relate, I wanted peace of mind knowing I’m in control, deep down I am sure this is something that everyone wants. Let me say this, at the end of my life I don’t want to be asking myself why didn’t I do something with my life. “What if I had done this?”
I believe every one of us wants to become someone great, we see these people all over the internet and on TV and compare ourselves, when in reality we do not want to be them, we want what they have! And express ourselves in our own way. Why should you have to live an average life when you deserve so much more?
Think about that for a moment. When you can live your life differently from others, with passion, purpose, and fulfillment.

Choose to chase your dreams, not someone else’s.

Speak to you soon


My Values

Attitude – One of the top values to reach any goal in your life no matter what.

Determination – How strong is your WHY. How badly do you want it?

Success – We all want to feel fulfilled, to be good at something, and have the acknowledgment of that. Which brings us happiness. Of course before the first step is knowing what is success to you?

.• Humility – An essential value for being consistent.

Consistent Learning – That driving hunger to learn new skills and become better every day.

Empathy – From my experience working with people throughout my life, the ability to be in their shoes is crucial to have a better understanding of their emotional level.

Relationships – The people we spend the most time with determines our quality of life. Everyone knows you become the average of your 5 biggest influences.

Family – As long as you are in this world they are the ones who will always be there for you.

 Constant Growth   – To summerise all of my values, my idea of Growth is to always strive for better in all areas of my life.

This video sums it up perfectly.

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